Meagan Thompson CD(DONA), certified birth doula, offers services in Lexington, KY and the Central Kentucky region. She attends both hospital and home births (with a certified midwife).

If you are interested in hiring Meagan, please contact her to schedule a free interview.

Pricing and care

Birth Doula Services – $800*

  • Two prenatal visits – During these visits, we will explore preferences you have for your upcoming birth experience and talk about what you want from your birth partner(s) to achieve this experience. I can provide information on your pregnancy, birth and postpartum questions and share local resources to address needs that you have outside of my expertise.

  • Continuous labor support – You (and your partner, if applicable) will have physical and emotional support for the duration of your labor. No need to watch the clock (PLEASE don't watch the clock) during labor. My fee remains the same regardless of how long you want labor support.

  • Immediate postpartum care – I will assist with breastfeeding questions and help you get situated for up to two hours after your birth.

  • One postpartum visit– I will come to your home to review the birth experience and see if you have any questions/concerns/victories to share from your early postpartum period.

  • Unlimited email/text/phone support – As soon as you hire me, I am available by email, text, or phone call to answer your pregnancy, labor and postpartum questions.

  • Access to local and online resources

* I believe that every person who wants a doula at their birth should have one. Please contact me to discuss your situation/needs, and we can come up with a payment plan or possibly a reduced fee. I am also happy to make referrals to other Kentucky doulas who may be able to better meet your personal or financial needs.

I’m also excited to offer a partnership option with Riah Durick of Jane Doula. If you are interested in working with both of us, please note that you want to explore this (amazing) option when you contact us.


All Births for all People

I will provide the above services to ALL PEOPLE, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression.

  • Want a hospital birth with an OB and an epidural? I gotcha.

  • Want to be at home in a birthing tub with a midwife? I’m here for you.

  • Have a scheduled Cesarean birth? I will support you.

  • Not sure what kind of birth you want and feel overwhelmed? I’ll provide you with evidence based information to help you find your path.

About Birth, LLC, is about ALL BIRTHS FOR ALL PEOPLE.

Lexington, KY doula