Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

At first I was skeptical about hiring a doula, I always have the "I got this" attitude. But our first child's birth experience left us feeling as though we could have done more to make this major life event more meaningful and go more smoothly.

After receiving solid recommendations and hearing some great stories from friends who had worked with a doula we decided to meet with Meagan. From the beginning she put us at ease, she has a very peaceful personality. She interviewed us to understand our priorities as well as our personalities and worked with us to develop a birth plan. 

During labor Meagan was a rockstar! Always helping my wife relax, suggesting good positions, encouraging her though contractions, and coaching her with breathing techniques. She even took a few photos for us and met with us after we came home. She did an outstanding job, I wish we would have had her help us with our first child...

Thank you Meagan!!!


Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

Meagan was absolutely incredible. I was very unsure about having a doula at the beginning of the pregnancy. Meagan was such an asset to our baby's birth! She 100 percent enhanced labor and delivery of our first child. Meagan not only helped my wife out, she was a calming presence to me as well. She showed me several techniques to help my wife! So thankful for hiring our doula! I would recommend Meagan to anyone who is even thinking about having a doula and will try to hire her again if at all possible if we decide to have another child.