Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had Meagan as my doula. This was my first pregnancy, I was anxious and didn't know what to expect but Meagan helped me prepare for childbirth by sharing her knowledge and resources.

I cannot imagine my labor and delivery without her support. Doulas are not only for those who do not have a large support team. I was fortunate enough to have my husband, mother, and 2 sisters present for my labor and delivery - but I could not have reached my goal of an all-natural birth without Meagan. Meagan gave me the support and confidence I needed to have an unmedicated birth. She massaged my legs, made sure I stayed cool and hydrated, applied counter-pressure through contractions, and constantly reminded me of how I strong I am. She kept me calm during the most intense day of my life and her presence was beyond comforting.

The support that Meagan provides throughout the entire process from pregnancy to postpartum is invaluable. During my pregnancy she would frequently touch base, check on me after doctor appointments, and send me information on things she knew I'd be interested in such as prenatal yoga. She was always available to answer questions or address any concerns I had. When the day came, she labored with me at home until it was time to go to the hospital. I am now several months postpartum and she still checks in on us from time to time to make sure we are doing okay. It is obvious Meagan truly cares for her families as I never felt like just another client or only a number. She took the time to truly get to know me and my husband and how she could be support us every step of the way. I will without a doubt choose Meagan as my doula for any and all future pregnancies/deliveries. Meagan is our doula for life!


Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

Meagan was such a huge support for us during the whole process of planning for and recovering from the birth of our baby boy. Both mine and my husband’s family live out of town, and so it was very comforting knowing we had someone local supporting us. She has so much great knowledge and information, and is a patient, calm presence. We had originally planned for an unmedicated hospital birth. However, after some gestational hypertension and nonreassuring heart tones our birth plan changed to an induction and eventually an emergency cesarean. Meagan was there with us every step of the way. When our baby needed additional care and had to be separated from me, Meagan stayed with me in recovery so that I wouldn’t be alone while my husband went with our son. She even checked on us several times after we were home from the hospital. Though we didn’t quite get the birth experience that we had hoped for, Meagan helped us through a very difficult, scary time. I would highly recommend her no matter what kind of birth you’re planning for. 


Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

We hired Meagan for the birth of our second daughter.  She was patient with my frequent texts near the end of the pregnancy about changes in how I was feeling and questions about labor.  She came to our home when I went into labor in earnest and helped through the aggressive contractions I had at home before heading to the hospital - I don't think I could've stayed home as long as I did without her.  She was very in tune with my progress - and prompted us to go to the hospital at the right point by asking if we wanted to head that way.  At the hospital, the midwives and UK nurses knew and appreciated her, which meant she was allowed to come into triage with me.  We ended up in triage longer than expected, and she got me onto a ball and helped with counterpressure on my back during contractions.  Her encouragement and physical support are one of the main things that made my natural delivery possible.  I'd recommend Meagan to anyone who wants a doula with quiet confidence.


stanford, ky, hospital birth

Everyone told me “Oh, you don't need a doula” and I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them!! Meagan was an amazing comfort to have building up to labor and delivery, and absolutely INDISPENSABLE on the big day! We had a very tricky delivery in store for us with my little girl being Frank breech; my doctor wanted me to be up and moving around for most the labor to get baby in the right position, which meant no epidural. Meagan was EXCELLENT support for me and my husband!! She had a wonderful comprehension of what I needed every step of the way, whether it was words of wisdom on how to breath and focus or her utilization of natural physical methods to help ground me during my contractions. I know that I wouldn’t have had the same beautiful birth experience without Meagan by our side. She was there every step of the way, through the moments of doubt and relief, and we’re so grateful to have had her as a partner in welcoming our daughter earth side.  


Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

Our experience with Meagan was amazing. I highly recommend choosing her as your doula!! From the moment we interviewed her, I knew I could be comfortable around her. She was available for questions any time, and always followed up if she hadn't heard back from me. She was an amazing pregnancy support, answering questions and providing resources, always giving me the information but never pushing for one choice over another. When my husband couldn't make it to an important appointment, Meagan cleared her schedule and came with me. At every opportunity to support, Meagan was there. When it came time for our daughter's birth, Meagan stayed with us from 5 am until 1 am the next day. When presented with so many birthing options, Meagan talked them through with us, suggested/helped me get into different positions, kept me hydrated, and supported our birth preferences. I would not have been able to stick with my birthing choices if Meagan hadn't been there to cheer me on. I remember at the hardest point in labor I said "I can't do this anymore." And Meagan responded without hesitation, "You can do this-you are doing it!!" Her confidence in me gave me a second wind, and our sweet baby girl was born shortly after. I am so grateful for Meagan. She is my doula for life!! 


Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

I am SO GLAD we used a doula this time (for our second birth) and I am SO GLAD we chose Meagan! It was so helpful to have a knowledgeable and supportive person not only in the room with us for our delivery, but also during the entire pregnancy and postpartum period. Meagan was a calm and collected presence that helped to keep us grounded and focused. More than just a doula, Meagan became a friend. I would use her again in a heartbeat!


Stanford, KY, Hospital Birth

Meagan attended our birth as a backup doula for our primary doula. We were so impressed with how Meagan jumped right in and didn't miss a beat! She came ready with tons of tools and ideas to help the labor progress well. Though this was my third birth, it was also my hardest! Meagan really kept me calm and collected in the most intense part of labor and for that I'm forever grateful. She loved and served our new family well. My husband loves having a doula and Meagan certainly eased the stress of birth for him. Thank you for everything, Meagan!


Danville, KY, Hospital Birth

My husband and I chose Meagan after learning about her from a close friend's birth experience. She came highly recommended and we couldn't be happier with her. Meagan is a warm, gentle soul who has the patience to listen and the wisdom to guide her questions in such a way as to receive more information about the mom, her partner and their preferences. Even if we have met with Meagan a few times, she really felt like being part of the family right away. She inspired me the trust to ask any question, no matter how personal or silly. Needless to say, she is punctual, maintains good communication and is extremely reliable. She assisted me during the birth of my son and her presence was that extra touch of comfort and support that I needed at the time. I would certainly have Meagan assist me again if I have another child, and I would also recommend her enthusiastically.


Danville, KY, Hospital Birth

When my husband and I had our initial meeting with Meagan, I knew immediately that she was the doula I was looking for. Her calm, open demeanor made us feel at ease. Meagan’s commitment to serving all people, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and gender expression was particularly welcoming to me as a woman of color in an interracial relationship.

When the big day came, Meagan met us at our home and accompanied us to the hospital. She was sensitive to having my preferences in the birth plan respected by the hospital staff and wanted to ensure that was I comfortable; for example, instead of having to get into the bed while being temporarily hooked up to the fetal monitor, Meagan asked the nurse if I could remain on the birthing ball, which I was allowed to do. She suggested that my husband and I create a playlist of relaxing music, and she brought twinkle lights to create a calming atmosphere and used aromatherapy massage oil on me for a soothing touch. Every time I had a contraction, she pushed my hips together, which enormously helped to manage the pain and instructed me to vocalize with a low hum, which prevented me from tensing up. She made sure I was hydrated by constantly bringing me water between contractions. These are just a few examples of small things Meagan performed or instructed which made a big difference.

In the end, I feel that Meagan went above and beyond. When the time came to push, she took some amazing pictures with my husband’s phone. She captured moments that we will always look back on and treasure. The doctor who delivered our son later told me that Meagan was the best doula she had ever worked with.

I had a goal of having a low-intervention, non-medicated birth, and Meagan was integral to that goal being met.


Lexington, KY, Home Birth


My husband and I had planned a homebirth for the birth of our first child. Our midwife required that we hire a doula since this was our first birth. We were both hesitant to this due to the added cost and that we were using the Bradley Method of Husband Coached Childbirth. Since my husband was going to be my coach, we did not want a doula to interfere with our practiced method. We could not have been more wrong!! Meagan ended up being the most amazing and supportave person at our birth and I can honestly say I do not think we could have done it without her. My labor ended up lasting 43 hours (30 hours of active labor). My baby was posterior so I had the most terrible back labor imaginable. Meagan was instrumental in calming and supporting not just me but my husband too. She stayed with us the entire time, using endless methods to try to flip the baby, massaging me, placing a heating pad on my back, and making sure both my husband and I were hydrated and nourished. If she had not been there, our succesful homebirth may easily have turned into a hospital c-section. I cannot recommend Meagan highly enough. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she's an amazing person too.


Lexington, KY, Hospital Birth

Meagan made my dream birth come true! I relied on her calm reassuring energy so much. Her support and confidence in me made a huge difference. My water broke at 3 am and she came to our home as quickly as she could. She helped coach me through breathing, comforted me, and gave me massage on my lower back to relieve the pressure. She reminded me of some laboring positions like leaning over my birthing ball on the bed that helped me cope. It was nice to have her tell us it was time to go to the hospital because she could see that I was progressing so quickly. She followed us to the hospital and supported me through contractions as we made our way to the delivery room. She advocated for my wishes when we were in the hospital by reminding my husband to have the IV turned into a saline lock, reminding the nurses that I did not want to labor on my back and to get me off my back as soon as possible, and requesting a birthing ball and making sure it was the right size. She dimmed the lights, layed out strands of twinkle lights, began filling up the birthing tub, and made sure my calming music was playing. The environment was so peaceful we think my baby came out sleeping! My labor progressed very fast so I really relied on her to coach me through moaning and breathing when I was in transition. There were so many things that Meagan did that I didn’t even see because I was in labor land and closed my eyes during a lot of my labor. But I know she was always focusing 100% of her energy on making me as comfortable and effective as possible in my labor. Meagan was kind enough to take photos and video of the birth on my camera, too, even though that's not her primary role and we treasure those photos! We would feel very blessed to have Meagan at future births and owe so much to her for helping me have an incredibly positive and transformative birth experience. 


Stamping Ground, KY, Home Birth

When we began discussing having a doula for our home birth, I imagined that person keeping my husband calm and focused, but in reality, Meagan ended up being my rock.

My labor progressed very quickly, and Meagan, her instincts telling her my time was near, was ready when we called. She immediately went to work, massaging my back, feet and legs and applying counterpressure during contractions. My midwife had not arrived when I was ready to birth my baby, and she noticed the cues and immediately got the midwife on the phone, who gave her instructions on how to stall my labor. The wait was painful, but Meagan stood by my side.

She continued offering calm support when the midwife arrived and it was time to push the baby out. My daughter was born not breathing. As the midwife worked to resuscitate the baby, Meagan called 911, and then she stayed to care for me as the midwife and EMTs helped my daughter.

At the hospital, Meagan was my comfort when my husband accompanied our daughter to the NICU. She brushed my wet, messy hair; helped clean the blood off my body; and found me food to eat. That night, when my husband returned home to gather our things, she slept on a crummy hospital couch beside me so I wouldn't be alone. She continued to check in on us throughout the duration of our hospital stay and when we were finally able to take our baby home.

We've been impressed not only with Meagan's professionalism, but her quiet, calm steadfastness and her willingness to go above and beyond. At my most vulnerable, she offered me the kindest, most precious gift of her compassion and unfailing care. She provided us the support we needed at times we didn't even know to ask. We took a leap of faith asking Meagan, a new doula, to attend the home birth of our first child, but in the end, we would not have made any other choice. We not only found ourselves a doula, but through the trauma of an unpredicatble birth, we found a friend.