All births for all people - LGBT Pride Month

With June being LGBT Pride Month, it feels like a good time to remind readers that I support all births for all people. I’m happy to serve people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression and welcome the diversity that the LGBT community brings to our small Central Kentucky towns.  Seeing as most people associate birth with women and often refer to the parents as mom and dad, birth can bring up some complicated emotions and experiences for those who live outside of these traditional views and identities. As your doula, I would work with you and your birth team to help you feel respected and see that your emotional and physical needs are being met during your birth.

I offer discounted rates to those considering adoption, so if you are part of an open adoption and the birthing person is interested in doula support, I’d be happy to discuss how I could help. I will also support surrogates if you would like to discuss gifting doula services to the person who will birth your baby.

Happy LGBT Pride Month to my fellow Kentuckians! And remember that About Birth, LLC, is about ALL BIRTHS FOR ALL PEOPLE.